Prof C K Prahalad

Prof C K Prahalad, of the University of Michigan and the world's most famous management guru on corporate strategy, came to India in April 2003, to conduct a seminar on Manufacturing Excellence in India. The Confederation of Indian Industry handpicked Avant Garde Omnimedia to create the complete presentation that he would make at the The Taj Palace, New Delhi, to an elite crowd consisting of corporate czars of the Indian industry.

Avant Garde Omnimedia had to take into account 16 outstanding examples of manufacturing excellence in India and weave a story around what these companies had managed to achieve in spite of the so called government red tape and other obstacles. Prof Prahalad shattered one myth after another using this presentation to conclude that India can indeed be a great manufacturing destination.

Prof Prahalad had a big word of appreciation for Avant Garde Omnimedia who handled the entire project flawlessly.