KOLKATA SMILES, a CSR initiative of RECA - Kolkata

As a nucleus of the 19th & early 20th century Bengal Renaissance and a religiously diverse centre of culture, Kolkata has established local traditions in art, film, theatre, and literature that have gained worldwide audiences.

From ironclad rules of evening addas, to the mysteries of its culinary life, from local shopkeepers who chat more about the weather and football to the etiquette of working the right way around eating the Hilsa, this book is a story of how you could fall in love with this City and understand this glorious, sometimes maddening, dynamic metropolis.

The current government has initiated a never-seen-before transformation in its urban infrastructure with the laying of expressways, flyovers and Metro rail network across the city.

As a new Kolkata emerges, providing unbridled oppurtunities for growth in the knowledge era, it's diversity of work places, residential areas and recreational zones offer a sustainable environment for a high quality, enriching life.

The sprit and determination of Kolkatans and its environs, is remarkable. They are also one of the most welcoming people you will have the pleasure of meeting.

Kolkata makes you Smile as it leads you away from the misplaced focus on 'things', to consider what makes us truly happy. Everything changes after that - the way we live, work and play.

Samir Prasad

(Honorary RECA-Kolkata member who helped conceptualize this book and led its development)